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the light in me welcomes the light in you 






the light in me welcomes the light in you 




Alicia Wilder, LMSW

I believe it is a privilege to work with individuals who are courageous enough to face the painful experiences and emotions that often hold us back from being our most authentic selves. It is my mission to provide you with the tools to safely explore your inner world. I will journey with you towards meaningful transformation and behavior change so you can awaken the best version of you that already lies within! I do this in a way that is kind and genuine, and I am truly passionate about the sacred work of assisting others in self growth.

I earned my Master’s Degree in Social Work from Grand Valley State University in 2012 and am equipped with training and experience in evidence based interventions such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and EMDR. I am also inspired by the power of mindfulness, self-compassion, and Brene Brown’s work on shame and vulnerability infusing all of these into my therapeutic work, encouraging others to join me in being more present, live bravely and be more kind to ourselves.

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Tools (Tricks of the Trade)


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a type of therapy that uses bilateral eye movement to enable people to heal from current symptoms that are the result of distressing life events. Led by this intervention I will help you to determine what these events may have been for you and how they are impacting you currently. We will then process them allowing you to integrate the experience in a more healthy way leading to more control of your current symptoms




Cognitive Behavioral Therapies

Cognitive Behavioral Therapies address the interplay between a person’s thoughts, emotions, and actions. Interventions can therefore, take place with by taking a closer look at all three and how we can learn to manage them more effectively.



Mindfulness is commonly described by paying attention to the present moment, in a particular way, non-judgmentally. This sounds pretty simple, but much of the time we are not paying attention or in what is called “autopilot mode.” It’s no wonder we do things we don’t like or understand as we are not paying attention! By using various techniques and skills to become more mindful we can learn to step out of this mode, explore some of these negative responses, and have the freedom to choose a path we prefer.





Body Awareness

Just as we can need to work to get more in touch with our minds, our body has much wisdom, that we are often disconnected from as well. Using tools such as mindfulness, yoga, and increased emotional awareness you can get back in touch.







Emotional Regulation

Ever feel like your emotions are out of control? They are actually quite fascinating little messengers with a unique story to tell. Guided by DBT skills, I will help you understand how to listen to them, what they are for, and how to manage them more effectively.





Live Brave

Fueled by the groundbreaking work of Brene Brown I support and encourage others to take off their armor, dare to be vulnerable, and embrace an authentic life of being seen.






Self ComPassion

Ever notice how you can be your own worst enemy? Trust me you are not alone here, but it’s not effective way for us to grow and change or live happy authentic lives. Kristin Neff has proven with research in her book, Self Compassion that by incorporating more self kindness, we can achieve more emotional well being and contentment in our lives.






New Page

The Guest House

New Page

The Guest House

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice.
meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.

Be grateful for whatever comes.
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.